This Truth About Your Impact May Surprise You

Businessmen and leaders are often represented as Lone Ranger, mounted alone and striking for justice. Of course, he had a faithful native companion, Silly, but in reality, the Lone Ranger was the only one to turn around.

This description as a robust individualist does not reveal the truth. When you become an entrepreneur or a leader, it becomes immediately clear that you will not do it alone. You need other people to build your organization. You need other people to have a real impact.

“We can only do so little, together we can do a lot.”

~ Helen Keller

The idea that it can do it alone does not fit our neurobiology. The neuroscientific research of John Cacioppo indicates that we do not have the strength to do it alone. We gain strength from our collective ability to work together.

We are connected to the connection and we suffer without it. Our impact suffers.

The impact, as I define it, in which your unique self meets the world and makes it a better place for all of us, is a double division. It’s not just that you (or your company) are your incredible self, thinking is essential. It also relates to what you contribute, individually and as an organization.

To make an impact, your circle of connection is essential. Includes all the people related to your company: customers, team members, suppliers, collaborators. Includes all the people connected to you: colleagues, friends, family members.

The impact you will have will depend on the quality of your community, on your circle of connection.

So choose well. Choose the ones that will help you to have the impact you want to have. Choose the ones you want to help support the impact. And when you can not choose them, in the case of the family, choose with whom you will spend more time.

The quality of these connections is important.

How can you cultivate and improve the quality of your precious connections?

Spend time.
Make an effort
Observe what will help you and offer that help or a way to get it.
I appreciate who they are and what they bring and let them know.
Sometimes you may have to reduce your circle. Nothing harms your impact faster than the connections that consume your energy. You may have people in your connection circle who do not support you in your impact goals.
How do you recognize them? After being in touch, you feel less energetic, less enthusiastic. You have more doubts about your skills and you start wondering if your impact is important.

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