Small Business in America is Expanding

Many baby boomers who had lost their jobs during the last recession started small business opportunities out of necessity. Now that they have established themselves, they have begun to grow and are working longer rather than withdrawing earlier. A slow and smart growth strategy with new locations, new millennial employees who are trained in technology and ideas that have been built behind a strong brand are making the small business in America strong again.

An old brand that has a new spirit or new brands that expand every day with an SBA 7a loan to take advantage of growth opportunities. These new small businesses had started due to necessity and now offer a lifestyle. Many boomers shop in franchises and rely on brands that have many places. This can be seen with data from the SBA 7a commercial loan provided by the US government. The SBA provides information on loans, as well as the percentage of insolvencies.

Holders of companies that have been operating for more than three years and are looking to expand with new equipment, market or buy a building can qualify for a commercial SBA 7a loan. New entrepreneurs need a loan from the SBA to buy an asset such as a business acquisition loan or a franchise loan. If you buy a franchise or open a new one, you will need money and a loan from the SBA is the answer. This can be completed quickly, usually within 60 days. The approval of the loan will allow the building to purchase a repair workshop, a restaurant, a bar, a laundry or a shopping center, which tend to be more difficult to finance due to financier restrictions on environmental issues. If you already own a QSR franchise and wish to purchase another QSR fast food franchise, the SBA loan is the borrower’s option to purchase an experienced business and continue to grow.

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