Biden To Black Voters: If You Support President Trump “You Ain’t Black”

The cutting edge manifestation of the Democratic party keeps on demonstrating that it is a bigot substance to the profundities of its dull soul and on Friday, Joe Biden made an impression on dark voters who bolster President Trump.

As per the possible chosen one: on the off chance that you an African-American who either underpins Trump or stays receptive, at that point you “ain’t dark” in a dazzling upheaval that could have reverse discharge for sure.

As the meeting was prepared to end, the fringe feeble Biden who was talking from his Delaware home stumbled over his own tongue as he is inclined to doing.

Said Biden:”If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t Black.”


Lunchbucket Joe made his astonishing comments during an appearance on the hugely popular “The Breakfast Club” to rapper and host Charlamagne tha God where Biden was pandering to the show’s national and predominantly black audience. 

Talk about stepping on a rake. 

Biden’s monumental gaffe comes at a time when he is zeroing in on a running mate who is widely expected to be a woman of color that would seal the deal with black voters who continue to loyally vote Democrat despite the sad fact that the party forgets about them as soon as the votes have been counted. 

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